Share your Texas History Stories with Us.

After doing some family research and seeing the "Sons of the Texas Revolution" on my relatives tombstones I have began doing research on my family in Texas. I found some of their history in the Handbook of Texas and a history account of my relatives as pioneers of Armstrong County in the Texas Pan Handle around Palo Duro Canyon and also found some of my relatives on both sides of my family in that area, some working at the Goodnight Ranch and some as Pioneers living in a dugout in Claude TX.

As a child I remember my Grandmother showing me the Daguerreotype image of my family's dugout in Claude Texas. I play in a band as a hobby but my profession is Graphic Design and Web Development. With my resources I am able to start a website about Texas History which is a definite passion of mine. I have purchased the domain "OurTexasHistory.com" and have plans do use it to further education for my children and Grandchildren and all others so they will now their history in this great state as well as a way to pass the history on. I hope others will share their stories and as I discover other Interesting stories about Texas I hope this site will become a good reference for those who just want to know more about Our Texas History!

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